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Being patient like Saturn

The Solar System

"The Solar System",Illustration © Nasa
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'When someone is patient, it proves that they have hidden knowledge. There are beings who come to the world already possessing this knowledge: each day they set to work, and whatever happens they persevere, they are tenacious. They are born under a favourable aspect of Saturn. Time, for them, is measured in very long intervals, and as it is always time – Saturn – that has the last word, the harvest is not only beautiful but abundant.
Each planet has its own particular periodicity. The Moon’s is the smallest, travelling through the zodiac in twenty-nine days. Then comes Mercury, then, in order, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. And beyond Saturn, we still have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which take even longer to revolve round the sun.

The time it takes for seeds to develop or ideas to become reality is the same as for planets revolving around the sun. Seeds or ideas require different lengths of time depending on their nature. To succeed in ventures of a spiritual nature requires a lot of time, because here Uranus, Neptune and Pluto must also be of support. Spiritual work is influenced by the slow planets, which travel in large circles around the sun.'

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