Daily Meditations 2019

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Daily Meditations 2019


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26 May
When you open your eyes in the morning, what do you think about? The worries from the day before, the difficulties that await you, the problems you will have to tend to and so forth. This is not a good way to start the day. Set aside your worries till later, they can wait. Start by directing your thoughts towards heaven saying, ‘Lord, I am thankful to be alive today. It is a new day – one for me to see, hear, walk, love and study. Strengthen my will so that everything I undertake will be in the service of good.’
Someone who expresses their gratitude to the Creator the moment they awake increases their inner love and light, and this love and light influence every moment of their day. They see the world around them with different eyes, they have a better attitude towards the people they meet, who open up to them because they feel the peace and joy they radiate.

  • The New Year
  • Respiration - Spiritual Dimensions and Practical Applications
  • The Yoga of Nutrition
  • Light is a Living Spirit
  • Creation: Artistic and Spiritual
  • Golden Rules for Everyday Life
  • ‘Walk While You Have the Light’
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  • Bringing Symbols to Life - The gymnastic exercises
  • Peter Deunov’s Paneurhythmy - Dance movements and musical scores