Daily Meditations 2022

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Daily Meditations 2022


400 pages - Size 10 x 16 cm - Includes index, as well as an introduction to the two natures of the human being and the Sephirotic Tree.

ISBN : 978-2-8184-0522-2

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21 March
Silence, peace and harmony are expressions of the same reality. Do not believe that silence is empty and mute – no, silence is alive, vibrant and it speaks, it sings. But we can hear it only once the big bass drums stop beating within us.
Thanks to contemplation, prayer and meditation, we will one day be able to hear the voice of silence. Once all the chaotic forces have finally subsided, silence will draw near, spread out and wrap us in its splendid cloak. A clarity will come over us and we will suddenly sense that something very powerful reigns above us and governs us: this silence from which the universe emerged and to which it will one day return.
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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