Monthly Meditation

Earn the trust of others


- Sculpture © AlexandrMilov (2015)
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'The only way to ensure correct relations with others is never to lose sight of the existence of these two natures, the higher and the lower. Trust only the higher, divine nature both in yourself and in others. A human being is like a bank in which you invest capital. So be careful: make sure that the bank is sound and reliable, otherwise you will risk losing all you possess. And as you too are a bank, try to be a trustworthy one. The question is not only whether you can trust others, you must also ask yourself whether they can trust you. And try to be worthy of their trust. This is what you should really care about...
If other human beings appreciate the good things you do, that is fine; but if they do not, never give them the chance to destroy you. Take care, above all, to be lucid about yourself, to be always honest and altruistic. Tell yourself also that your worth and your honor are not conditioned by other people’s opinion of you. Your divine nature sustains you, and that should be enough for you to take courage and continue to advance.'

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