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Catalog Prosveta 2019
Catalog Prosveta 2019

Full Consciousness Nutrition



"Sea-buckthorn"- Kyrgyzstan - Photo by Vmenkov
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'More and more people are studying the question of nutrition, and that is good: it is important. But to my mind, the most important is to realize that nutrition does not apply only to the physical body. True, the survival of the physical body depends on having enough food, but the heart, mind, soul and spirit also need food and it is because human beings don’t know this, that they no longer know the meaning of life.
Life is nothing more than an endless exchange between the universe and the tiny atoms that we represent. Cosmic life flows into man who impregnates it with his own emanations before sending it back into the universe. Once again, he absorbs this life and, once again, he returns it. And it is this ongoing exchange between man and the universe that we call nutrition, that we call respiration and that we also call love...
We have to exchange with the earth in order to live on the physical plane; we have to exchange with water in order to live on the astral plane, the plane of the heart; we have to exchange with air in order to live on the mental plane, the plane of the mind, and we have to exchange with heat and light in order to live on the plane of our soul and spirit.'


Extract from ‘Harmony and Health’
(Chap. 7 - 'Nutrition on the Different Planes')
Harmony and Health
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