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Catalog Prosveta 2019
Catalog Prosveta 2019

Love is the only thing that can make you happy


The lovers

"The lovers"
Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin (1860–1943)
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'Human beings possess a faculty of feeling and emotion that we call the heart. But this heart is not the physical organ known to anatomy and physiology and which bears the same name. The heart known to anatomical science is a kind of hydraulic pump and constitutes the principal organ in the circulatory system, whereas the true organ of feeling is the solar plexus. When the initiates say that true understanding is the under­standing of the heart, they are referring to the solar plexus.
So now the question is: what is the ideal, the goal, of the heart? Does it yearn for knowledge, learning or powers? No. The heart’s only aspiration is for happiness, joy and warmth, for warmth brings the heart to life whereas cold kills it. Wherever it goes, the heart seeks only warmth from others..
Love is the only thing that can make you happy. Whatever else you offer your heart it will always be dissatisfied; it will continue to clamour for love because with love it can buy all that it needs.'


Extract from ‘Know Thyself’
(Volume 1 - Chap. 2 - 'The synoptic table')
Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 1
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