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Catalog Prosveta 2019
Catalog Prosveta 2019

Music, an awakening force



"Haydn leading a quartet"
Anonymous (circa 1790)
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'Everybody listens to music, but in an initiatic school you learn to listen to music with a specific purpose in mind: to awaken your spiritual chakras, to take flight into space and raise yourself to greater, nobler heights, to purify yourself and even to solve certain problems. When we listen to a piece of music we must, first of all, know what it represents, whether it is a force for good or for ill, and what it conveys to us: is it like the wind or like thunder? Is it like a cataract or a waterfall tumbling down the mountainside? Is it like electricity? Or heat? Whatever the energy it emits you must learn to use it. If it conveys the wind to you, you can imagine that you are on a ship in full sail. If it conveys electricity, you can use it to set your spiritual ‘appliances’ in motion, and so on. Music is a force. Each sound, each vibration triggers a movement in space and releases certain forces in us.
Many intensely spiritual people have scorned the help that music could have given them in their work, and they were wrong to do so. Music can be an extremely powerful means by which to awaken dormant cells, to achieve a higher degree of nobility and to transform and perfect oneself: we should not ignore it.'


Extract from 'Creation: Artistic and Spiritual' - (Chap. 7 - 'How to listen to music')
Creation: Artistic and Spiritual
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