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Spring is an image of the sun

Blossoming Almond Tree

"Blossoming Almond Tree",
Vincent van Gogh (1890)
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'...A spring is also an image of the sun. The other representatives of the sun on earth are air, which gives itself to be eaten and drunk, and a tree, which gives fruit. So a disciple must become like air, like a spring, like a tree. If you have a spring within you, a generous spring of pure water, it means that your higher self is present and active within you. But if you are dry and arid, it means that your higher self, the sun, the spring, the tree, are not present within you, and you will not know the taste of true joy, for joy is a gift of the sun, the tree, the spring... And this is why I can say that if this spring does not flow within you, in other words, if your love is not pure and disinterested, you will dry up and yield no harvest; you will produce neither flowers nor fruit; you will be a desert, a barren waste. And who wants to live in a desert? Nobody but initiates and ascetics.
And do you know why sages retreat into the desert? You think that it is to be left alone in peace and quiet, but that is not the real reason. For the first time, let me tell you the true answer to this question.
It is the invisible world that urges them to go into the desert, saying, ‘You are a spring; you are a sun. Go out into these barren lands and take life to them, so that it may flow through them and that, one day, culture and civilization may be born again!’

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