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The Eye, a dot in the Centre

The Eye

"The Eye" - Photo by Lucy Prior fot Pixabay
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'There is a great deal to be said about the eyes. As you know, there is a science known as iridology which studies the iris of the eye in the minutest detail and thanks to which all one’s past and present illnesses can be discerned. All the organs of the body, including the eyes themselves, are represented in the iris in such detail that even the loss of a tooth can be detected. It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and it is true. Wisdom, kindness and all the other hidden qualities of a man can be seen in his eyes.
The eye is represented diagrammatically as a circle with a dot in the centre Le point dans le cercle. As you know, this is also the astrological symbol for the sun. For an astrologer, the right eye is related to the sun and the left to the moon, and if the sun and moon are poorly aspected in a person’s horoscope, his eyes will suffer in some way, either by illness or by accident; it depends on the aspects of the planets and the houses in which they are placed.
The symbol of the eye is present everywhere, in every domain: in physiology, mathematics, astrology, botany, alchemy and in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, and we must try to discover it wherever it is.
I have already said that it is used in astrology to represent the sun, but why is it shown with a dot in the centre? The circle is the symbol of the universe, of the Supreme Being, and the dot represents the manifestation of this Being. A circle without a dot in the centre represents the unmanifested Supreme Being, the Absolute; when it contains a central dot, it represents the Supreme Being in a state of manifestation.
Looking at this symbol from another point of view, we can say that it represents a cell: the central dot is the nucleus; the space between the centre and the periphery is the protoplasm, and the circle represents the membrane. The masculine principle manifests itself by rectilinear radiations and the feminine principle by circular waves. Electricity travels in a straight line, whereas magnetism forms circular waves. The electrical currents which are present in such abundance at high altitudes in the mountains, move parallel to the ground, sweeping the soil and rocks clean by killing all vegetation. In the plains, by contrast, where magnetic currents manifest themselves, vegetation is abundant. We shall find the same laws at work in the human physiognomy: all the elongated, linear forms are modeled by electricity, and the rounded forms by magnetism. The masculine principle at work in nature creates straight, linear forms and the feminine principle creates curved, rounded forms. The symbol that represents the two principles at work in the universe is that of the sun manifesting itself both in the form of rays extending from a central point and in concentric circles spreading out from the centre to the periphery.
Sunrise on Mount Fuji

"Sunrise on Mount Fuji" - Photo by Kanenori for Pixabay - Illustration © Editions Prosveta SA
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We find this figure in the cross-section of a tree trunk in which both the masculine and feminine principles are at work....'
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