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The little bird of spring

Birds and Flowers of Spring and Summer

"Birds and Flowers of Spring and Summer",
Kano Eino (1631-1697)
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'When I was living with a friend in Ternovo, in Bulgaria, many years ago, I worked very hard and read and meditated and experimented with various spiritual practices, late into the night.
Sometimes I was so tired that I could not rouse myself for the sunrise in the morning. I was very unhappy about this because, like all our brothers and sisters in Bulgaria, we were in the habit of getting up for the sunrise every morning, in the spring. This state of affairs went on for quite a while and then, one day, a little bird got into the habit of coming to my window every morning, before dawn. It would tap on the window‑pane with its beak and wake me up. As soon as I heard it I would call out, ‘Hello! I’ll get up at once’.
The little bird was so happy! It sang to me before flying away and, in a few moments, it came back again with others to eat the crumbs I put out on my window‑sill. Every morning, before the sun rose, that little bird came and woke me.
Who sent him, I wonder? I thanked him with all my heart because he gave me so much joy. I felt that it was the Invisible World that was awakening me through this little bird, and it gave me a good example: I want to do as it did. At this moment I feel like that little bird: I am tapping on your windows, saying: ‘Wake up, the sun is rising, the sun of the new life, the sun of Everlasting Love, Omniscient Wisdom and All‑Powerful Truth’.'

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