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The spirits of the seven lights

Stained-glass skylight

"Stained-glass skylight" - Lluis Domenech (1908)
- Palace of Catalan Music (Barcelona)
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'Only disciples and initiates, who have worked to develop their intelligence, who have accustomed their hearts to feel and love properly and who have become strong through their constant striving, through their will to overcome all their negative aspects, only they are able to refract white light into the seven colours, and their aura grows continually in beauty and purity as well as in size.
Those who never properly develop the triangle of their mind, heart and will have only two or three colours in their aura. All the others are absent. And if, by misfortune, they distort their triangle, then their intellect becomes malicious, cunning and aggressive, their heart is filled with hatred, evil, cruelty, they thirst for revenge and sensual pleasures, and their will is at the service of the forces of destruction. When this is the case, their aura not only loses all its vivid, gleaming colours but becomes full of all kinds of horrors.
Initiatic Science identifies the red ray with the spirit of life. The vibrations of red create a bond between human beings and the spirit of life.
Red has a vivifying effect and enhances vitality. But there are thousands of different shades of red, each one of which represents a different force: love, sensuality, dynamic energy, intoxication, anger, etc.
The orange ray is identified with the spirit of holiness, the second spirit. By means of orange light, therefore, you can create a bond between yourself and holiness. But here, too, there are innumerable different shades, which may represent dignity, individualism or pride. A certain shade of orange can improve your health, another inspires and strengthens faith, but above all, orange is associated with holiness and health.
Golden yellow is the spirit of wisdom. Its vibrations encourage people to read, reflect and meditate, to seek wisdom and to be guided by reason and prudence in their acts.
The green ray is the spirit of eternity and evolu­tion. Green is the colour of growth and development and also of wealth. It is linked to hope, and it helps humans to advance along the evolutionary path.
The blue ray is identified with the spirit of truth. It is associated with religion, peace and music. Blue develops the musical sensibilities, pacifies the nervous system, heals the lungs and also has a beneficial influence on the eyes, which are the symbol of truth.
Indigo is identified with the spirit of force, the spirit of royalty. It has approximately the same properties as blue.
The purple or violet ray is the spirit of divine omnipotence and of spiritual love. It is the spirit of sacrifice. Purple is a very powerful colour, which protects humans; a very mystical, very subtle colour, which helps the astral body to leave the physical body and travel in other worlds. It also helps them to understand God’s love. It is not at all beneficial to plant life.'

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