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The Word, spirit of the Sun

Zodiacal Light

"Zodiacal Light"- Chile - Photo ESO/Y.Beletsky
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'At the beginning of the world, God said, ‘Let there be light!’ The first creature, the origin, the beginning of everything, was light. Light is Christ and Christ is the Sun. Why is the spirit of Christ said to dwell in the sun, in the sephirah Tiphareth? Actually, we are speaking, here, of two different aspects of the one spirit; the spirit of Christ and the solar spirit are one and the same. Of course, when I speak of Christ in this context, I am not speaking of Jesus. Jesus was a man who lived in Palestine at a particular time in history and who had a specific mission on earth. The spirit of Christ existed before creation. He is the Word, the Logos, through whom all things were made.

Then, again, when I speak of the spirit of the Sun, I am not thinking of the physical, astronomical sun, but of the spiritual world inhabited by beings who have a specific culture and civilization. The spirit of the Sun is the Archangel Michael.

Christ and the Archangel Michael are two different ways of representing a unique Principle, the second Principle of the Blessed Trinity. The solar entity we call Michael is linked to Christ, to the Word of God, because the spirit of Christ is the spirit of the Sun. And Melchizedek, the being St John saw in the midst of seven golden lamps, holding seven stars in his hand and with a sharp two-edged sword coming from his mouth, is also an expression of the light, of the Word. The names are different, but the Principle is the same.'

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