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The Zodiacal Human Being

The Zodiac Man

"The Zodiac Man" - Illustration Éditions Prosveta S.A. - Material: Pixabay, AllFreeDownload
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'Those who penetrate the realm of the zodiac become subject to the constraints of time (period­icity and cycles) and space (localization within the zodiacal enclosure). Only pure spirits are free of the fetters of time and space, but as soon as they incarnate they enter into the zodiacal enclosure and are caught up in the magic circle of implacable destiny, which shackles even the most luminous beings, even the greatest sons and daughters of God.
This reality is reflected in the human body, where the spirit is imprisoned: the whole body represents the circle of the zodiac, and each organ or member corresponds to a particular sign.:
Aries: the head • ♉ Taurus: the neck • ♊ Gemini: the arms and lungs
Cancer: the stomach • ♌ Leo: the heart • ♍ Virgo: the intestines and solar plexus
Libra: the kidneys • ♏ Scorpio: the genital organs • ♐ Sagittarius: the thighs
Capricorn: the knees • ♒ Aquarius: the calves • ♓ Pisces: the feet...

In order to free themselves from the coils of the serpent that holds them prisoner, humans have to free themselves from the cycle of reincarnations.
Humans were formed in parallel with the universe. To begin with they were a simple, fluidic sphere with no lungs, no stomach, no limbs, only a head which moved about rather like a jellyfish floating on an ocean of fire. When part of this fire condensed to form air, their lungs were formed. Later, part of the air condensed to form water, and their stomach, abdomen and intestines were formed. Finally, part of the water condensed to form earth, and their arms and legs were formed.

However, the four elements that went to make up the substance of humans and the universe were not the four material elements that we know: they were far subtler and more etheric, and humans, as they were then, still had no physical existence. They began to take shape physically only when their feet began to be formed. In fact, their feet were the first parts of their physical body to materialize: first the feet, then the legs, thighs, genital organs, solar plexus, stomach and so on, all the way up to the head.

The head became a material reality last, in spite of the fact that it was the first part to be formed. And the feet, which were formed last, were the first to materialize. These two currents: involutionary (the formation of humans starting from the head, the lungs and so on, down) and evolutionary (the materialization of their limbs in the opposite order), can be found in the zodiac...'
Celestial Fireworks

"Celestial Fireworks" - © NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), A. Nota (ESA/STScI)
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Zodiac Constellations

"Zodiac Constellations" - © NASA
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