Méditation du mois

We contribute to the evolution of animals

'The earth’s atmosphere is permeated with all the emanations of humans, animals, plants, stones, water, mountains and all the forces flowing from the planets and the stars. It is the same with the human aura, which is an immensely vast, rich synthesis of everything in the human being. Furthermore, minerals, plants and animals also have an aura, but theirs is a purely physical aura. Minerals, metals and crystals give off certain forces which form a sort of miniature magnetic field of colour around them.

"Complicity" - Photo © Katerina Plotnikova Photography -
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In plants, the etheric body adds vitality and the need for growth, making their aura more intense and alive than that of minerals. The aura of animals is richer still, because animals have an astral body, the body of desire. Generally speaking, animals have not yet begun to develop their mental body, although biologists do detect a certain capacity for thought in some, such as dogs, horses, elephants and monkeys. It is a very rudimentary form of thought, of course, but through constant contact with humans animals begin to develop their mental body; the care and affection of human beings contribute greatly to their evolution.'
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