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When patience and hope walk a path hand in hand

Father of Time

"Father of Time" - Sculpture by Lorado Taft (1920)
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'Ideas and thoughts are living entities. When they leave our mind, they create a circle in space, passing through different regions, where they take on appropriate elements, before returning to their place of origin, which is us.
Each thought needs a fixed amount of time to draw a circle. The most spiritual, noble and divine thoughts draw very large circles. They travel through all regions, as far as the divine world, before coming back down, bringing their treasures with them.

Wisdom requires us to take account of time for the physical plane and, at the same time, of eternity for the soul and spirit. Because humans live their life in a great rush, they deprive themselves of this element of duration, of the infinite, which would give meaning and flavour to life. When they do not find what they are looking for quickly enough, they immediately pass on to something else. This is why, in their inner life, they don’t arrive anywhere.

Patience is a quality of great age; hope, a quality of youth. Yes, youth hopes, and if it does not see what it is hoping for quickly enough, it becomes impatient, whereas old age no longer hopes for very much but has learned to endure patiently. Really, patience and hope should get together. Where there is hope, patience must come to support it. And when there is patience, hope cannot be far away. If we do not hope for anything, how can we be patient, and why would we be? There is nothing to wait for. But when patience and hope walk a path hand in hand, year after year, the future becomes wide open.'

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