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Angels and other Mysteries of The Tree of Life (eBook)

Réf : TCP236AN

207 pages - 7 illustrations - 1 illustration in color

ISBN : 9782818400548

Langue : Anglais

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Lighthouses on the path that leads us to God. We often use the image of the scale to express not only the idea of intermediary between the bottom and the top, but also that of hierarchy: social scale, scale of values, scale of colors, etc. Likewise there is an angelic hierarchy which makes the link between man and God, is symbolized by "Jacob's ladder" and represented by the Sephirotic Tree. For our good spiritual development, it is necessary to know the existence of these celestial entities, because they are like beacons on the path which leads us to God.


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Langue Anglais
Informations 207 pages - 7 illustrations - 1 illustration in color

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