Sparks of Light on Our Path

Thoughts of wisdom on our way

Réf : AR01AN

Index en fin d’ouvrage. 208 pages – Format 11,5 x 16,5 cm

ISBN : 9782818405284

Langue : Anglais

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Premier titre de la collection, cet ouvrage est une invitation à découvrir en nous les ressources nécessaires pour surmonter les difficultés de notre existence. Pour cela, l’auteur met l’accent sur la nécessité de contrôler nos gestes, paroles et pensées, de réfléchir à nos relations avec autrui, à l’impact du moment présent sur notre avenir, à l’importance des efforts et à la relativité des échecs, à la signification réelle de chacune de nos activités et de leur incidence sur notre santé physique comme psychique...

- Only the science of life is essential
- Waking up, the importance of this moment
- Do not stand in front of a closed door
- Relax, three exercises
- Precious moments to prolong
- The efforts that keep us alive
- Today determines tomorrow
- Meditate: slow down the march of time
- Thoughts are living entities
- Technical progress: the dangers of ease
- Gestures, their magic power
- Protective images
- As if it were the first time
- Sensitivity and sentimentality
- Mantras, how to pronounce them
- Efforts count more than results
- No activity is insignificant
- Love, a source to protect
- For a well-understood economy
- The child, his incarnation in a family
- A yoga: nutrition< br /> - Preparing for sleep
- Healing illnesses s, physical remedies and psychic remedies
- Useless criticism
- Saying no, there is our power
- The meaning of life, it is up to everyone to find the answer within themselves< br /> - Love, the best way to attract it
- Youth, a quality of the heart
- Mental habits, becoming aware of it
- Events, situations, encounters: a material to work on

‘Every time I speak to you, I am trying to open new windows and broaden your horizons so you may one day embrace immensity. Life is a vast, infinite realm which we have all eternity to explore. We can determine the significance of an issue by the time it takes to cover all its aspects. When issues can be quickly dealt with, they cannot be deemed essential − essential issues converge with life itself, which is boundless.’


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Langue Anglais
Informations Index en fin d’ouvrage. 208 pages – Format 11,5 x 16,5 cm

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