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Youth: Creators of the Future (eBook)

Réf : TCP233AN

ISBN : 9782818402658

Langue : Anglais

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For a youthful, actor of his life. Today new currents, which the author associates with the Age of Aquarius, are beginning to pour into the world, marking the end of a cycle of which we are more or less aware. At a crossroads, young people are already carrying a new world, a new relationship to time and to this form of acceleration of our society. This current youth seeks more to control its destiny and to be an actor in its life. However its ardor, its energy, its impulses and aspirations must be channeled so that this youth brings something subtle, pure, luminous which inspires and stimulates. While this book is recommended for young parents, it is aimed above all at adolescents to whom Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov delivers many valuable, enlightening, practical and visionary advice.


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