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Discover the work of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and the many themes addressed: the importance of everyday life (couple, love, education, nutrition), esotericism explained clearly (subtle bodies, chakras, the aura, Cabbalah, astrology) and the interest of a conscious spirituality (meditation, yogas, symbolism, universal brotherhood).
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Unpublished poster in limited quantity!

The Universe of Angels
The Universe of Angels
22,90 € Add
The 72 Planetary Spirits
Who Spin the Wheel of Life
Reproduction of a painting
by the artist Ivano Marchesani

Unpublished poster in limited quantity!

Format 43 x 60 cm

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Posters, Poscards and Window sticker
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Methods to harmonize in our daily life

Methods to harmonize in our daily life
The period of health crisis we are going through concerns both our psychic and biological organism.
It is therefore important to ensure that we harmonize and refocus as much as possible in our daily lives, for our benefit
as well as for that of our loved ones.
For this we propose 12 methods, taken from the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, to put into practice as soon as we wake up as well as throughout the day, until we prepare for our sleep.


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