Of minerals, plants, animals and human beings

July 16th 2024
Whether they belong to the mineral, vegetable, animal or human realm, all creatures are conscious but, depending on their degree of evolution, this consciousness is more or less removed from their physical bodies.
The consciousness of minerals is the furthest removed, and this is why they exist in an inert state. The consciousness of plants is at the centre of the earth, so that is where we must try to reach them if we want to speak to them, and get them to understand us and respond. Animals do not have an individual consciousness either: their collective consciousness lies apart from them, within the group soul that directs each different species. Each animal obeys the group soul of its species, which determines the season for mating, for egg laying, for migration, for moulting, and so forth. Humans are the only beings who possess an individual consciousness, and that is why we are thinking beings endowed with free will.*
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