When we are truly enlightened, we stay on the right path

December 5th 2023

Many people, as long as they are immersed in the atmosphere of a spiritual community, are clearly conscious of being on the right path. They have a clearer perception of the meaning of life; they make efforts to improve themselves, to become wiser, more patient and more in control of themselves. But once they are back in their usual surroundings and start to socialize again, they soon forget everything they have learned and understood here, and revert to their old habits and attitudes. They even feel a little ashamed of having lived wisely. Why is this? Why does their consciousness change in this way? Because in fact, they had yet to really study or understand things properly. Someone who is truly enlightened will not lose their light even if they associate with the worst deviants or the worst kind of criminals. When wisdom begins to seem stupid, it means that we have abandoned it.*

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