Alphabetical index

A brotherhood is a community that possesses a luminous consciousness

A living cell contains infinite possibilities for the future

A sublime idea leaves the door wide open to all the spirits of light

A true artist takes themselves as the material for their creation

A true disciple has learned to ascend and descend

Academic knowledge

Accusations and criticisms

Achievements, of spirit

Activities (artistic)

Activity of any kind

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Affinity, psychological and intellectual

Aggression and sexuality

Ajna chakra, the

Akasha chronica bears the imprints of every creature and event

Alphabet, cosmic

Alternations on the physical plane and on the spiritual plane

Amends (making) for one’s mistakes

An initiatic teaching gives us the means to improve our future incarnations

Androgynous –the true nature of our psychic being

Angel of air

Angel on one’s right and devil on one’s left

Angelic orders, the – intermediaries between god and humans

Animal instinct within us that we must control, the

Animal kingdom

Animal, instinctive nature

Animals and humans – they will one day make peace

Appetite for easiness, an

Aquarius bring the ideas of brotherhood and universality

Aquarius directs human beings towards the divine world

Archangel michael overpowering the dragon

Army of good, the

Art must be elevated in order to capture particles of beauty

Artists and intellectuals

Artists must make the spirit descend into matter

Aspirations (spiritual)

Astral fire and spiritual fire

Attraction and repulsion

Attraction and repulsion, instinctual

Attuning oneself with the powers of the universe

Awareness of universality preserves us from solitude