Carries us up to god and his angels

January 10th 2011
Have you acted wrongly and now condemn yourself for it? Or, even without being guilty of any particular misdemeanour, does it pain you greatly to still be so imperfect, weak and wretched? Even in the depths of your distress, never forget that the Lord awaits you in his palaces. Rush to meet him, run very fast to escape, to tear yourself away, from anything that can prevent you from reaching him. And what enables you to run like that? Prayer. Intense, fervent prayer. That is what makes you leap over all obstacles and go through all doors… And when you reach the banqueting hall, where the Lord is rejoicing among his angels and the souls of the just, he says to the guards, who are ready to chase away any such intruder, ‘No, since this person’s fervour has carried them this far, they have the right to sit among us; make space for them.’ And you are accepted, just as you are.