It is for us to ensure it with all the devices heaven has given us

April 10th 2011
Every day, you have to take lots of precautions to prevent what is useful to you, indispensable even, from backfiring on you! You need to turn the water and gas taps off, check the cooker and electrical appliances you have turned on and remember to switch them off, not leave objects lying around which you or other people could trip over and, if you are about to go to sleep and are not sure whether you locked your door, you have to get out of bed and go to make sure… Heaven does not have to mount guard at your front door or protect you when you are negligent. It has given you a brain, eyes, ears, feet and hands, and it says, ‘You have all these instruments, use them, they will protect you. Put them to work, and then the beings of light will be there to protect you too.’