School of life

How to understand this expression

October 1st 2013
You will all have heard the saying that life is a school. If you really understood what that meant, each time a new difficulty arose you would accept that you needed to do further exercises, and you would say, ‘Ah, here’s another opportunity for progress!’ And after overcoming that difficulty, you would be delighted, like a student who had passed an exam. A sage cannot remain indifferent to those who come to him with their disappointments and their suffering. But he cannot help but notice that the reason they have difficulties in the first place is that they ignore this basic truth: we have all come to earth to study, to train. Most are quite sure they are only here to experience ease, comfort and wealth and to be loved by others, as if these were their natural due. Well, they aren’t. None of that is part of Cosmic Intelligence’s plan. Cosmic Intelligence wants humans to be happy, but it has contrived that they will find happiness only by developing their higher nature. And this does not happen comfortably and easily.