Mountain peak and sun

Images of the ideal

October 3rd 2013
Do not be content to have an easily achievable ideal, because it is not a true ideal. Let’s imagine you are at the foot of a mountain: even if the far-off summit seems inaccessible, at least begin the climb. Don’t just stay below looking at the peak in wonder from time to time and singing its beauty, as it will not come down to you; it will keep soaring up into the sky. If you do not want to climb, that’s too bad. The peak – and of course I also mean by that a teaching or a spiritual Master – will not come down to you. You will say that is cruel. It’s not, for the peak is nevertheless still sending some of its thoughts, some of its love, to the valley below. As does the sun… The sun sends its rays to earth, and these rays are like long ropes it lowers down for us to hold onto. In this way, the sun tries to haul us up without coming down itself. Make the decision to undertake this long ascent to the summit, to the sun, for that is your destiny.