Two methods for controlling it

October 5th 2013
It is impossible at times not to feel exasperated by some people’s behaviour, especially if we have to meet with them often. But instead of exploding or letting it eat away at you, it is better to attempt to understand why they act as they do, and even to help them. Try, and you will find you have far more inner resources than you imagined. While you are making the effort to think it over, you are forced to calm down. And here is another method: concentrate on the image of someone you love, and allow yourself to experience fully the joy and wonder this image arouses in you. Let it fill you, and soon you will be able to look at the man or woman who exasperates you without feeling any irritation. Haven’t you noticed that when people fall in love they tend to love everyone? When you truly love, you envelop the whole universe in the light and warmth of this love.