Jesus’ sacrifice

Is not enough to save us

October 7th 2013
Christians are taught that by sacrificing his life on the cross Jesus saved them, and some of them derive immense pride, immense assurance from this. Their friends and even their parents may not think much of them, but the son of God in person gave his life for their salvation. How could they not feel proud? Unfortunately, you only have to see the state Christianity is in to see that Christians are no more saved than believers from any other religion. They commit the same dishonest acts, the same crimes, for it is the same selfish, greedy, vindictive nature that is being expressed through them. Each of God’s great sons who comes to earth brings truths to humans, new means of saving them, but it is up to them to understand these and use them, up to them to work for their own liberation. You will say, ‘But you are belittling the value of Jesus’ sacrifice!’ Not at all. The greatness of Jesus’ sacrifice is not belittled when I tell you that you will be saved by your work. God only wants one thing: for his human creatures to become perfect. And to perfect onself requires effort. Saints, prophets or initiates can pave the way for us, and they can tell us how to walk, but no one can do the walking for us; it is up to us to move forward.