Mediumistic faculties

The mind must be used to control them

October 10th 2013
There are people endowed with mediumistic abilities, who pick up messages, images, energy currents from the invisible realm. Others envy their gift, without realizing the many risks entailed if these people merely pass on what they receive without questioning the nature of what they are picking up. Are the messages genuine or not? Do they come from the world of light or the world of darkness? That is what they should be asking themselves. More than anyone else, those with mediumistic gifts should undertake to train their mind. Only then can their ‘extrasensory’ faculties be useful to them and to others. Otherwise they will just be conduits allowing both clean and dirty water through indiscriminately. But when they become conscious mediums, they will be like the branches of a tree, which know how to turn the sap they receive into leaves, flowers and fruit.