Body, human

A model for any kind of organization

October 11th 2013
Our own body is the model for any kind of organization. Humans cannot invent anything that does not already exist in creation. They can imitate, they can reproduce, but they cannot invent. The human body is itself an organized world, built according to laws from above. The whole philosophy of life is written within it. This organization for which our own body is the model must be mirrored first and foremost in the family. The family is a divine institution, since it is a body in which the law of disinterestedness is to a large extent applied, and it is this disinterestedness that makes for unity and harmony. There are of course families whose members are seemingly ill-assorted, of diverse psychic and spiritual origin. This may in fact be the case, and if it is, it should come as no surprise, for they are there together precisely to learn the laws of disinterestedness, that is, the laws of patience, indulgence, love and sacrifice. These same laws must also rule the family that is formed by all of humankind.