An idea become form

October 13th 2013
How do we define symbols as used in Initiatic Science? To initiates, a symbol is a form in which a spiritual reality finds concrete expression. A symbol originates from a quintessence, an idea, that has incarnated on the physical plane. An idea in itself has no form. It is just a force, a current of energies; it can only take form through a symbolic figure. As soon as the form that this idea takes appears to us and we try to understand it and put it to work in ourselves, it takes hold of our whole being and projects us up to the realms it originated from. A symbol is an idea made flesh, a spirit that has come to incarnate. Through the flesh or body of the symbol we must seek to reconnect to the idea, the force, the energy, that exists above. As we become able to decipher symbols, we become familiar with the language of Cosmic Intelligence.