Taste for life

Do not wait for illness or an accident to rediscover it

October 15th 2013
Over the years, most people lose their taste for things: they breathe, eat, drink, walk, see, hear, without being particularly conscious of what they are doing. You could say their senses have become dulled. But suppose they become seriously ill; what happens then? For months they are forced to stay still, confined to one room, where they live a vegetative life. Then, at last one day they start their convalescence, and suddenly they find they are taking pleasure in eating and breathing. And what a joy it is to be once more free to walk; to go out and contemplate the sky, the sun and the whole of nature in spring; to listen to the wind and the birdsong! This is the positive side to certain illnesses. But does it make sense to wait until you have an accident or fall seriously ill to recover your taste for life?