‘you cannot serve god and mammon’


October 16th 2013
Jesus said in the Gospels, ‘You cannot serve God and Mammon’, meaning the demands of earth and heaven cannot be satisfied at the same time. To be acknowledged by your friends in heaven, you often have to renounce being acknowledged by humans; this is true, but what does it matter? How many years will what you gain from human beings last? Even if you do gain their approval and are praised and fêted by millions of people, they will soon leave the earth, and so will you – and then how will you feel when you arrive in the next world? And how are you going to feel right now, in this life, if you are deprived of the goodwill and love of the beings of light? When you place yourself in the service of heaven, do not expect that people will come and show you respect and gratitude – they are not even aware of what is happening inside you. Be content to work. When you feel this work filling you with new life, do you think you will need others to applaud and congratulate you?