Sexual force

Sublimating it contributes to the awakening of higher faculties

October 21st 2013
We receive our life from God, but we cannot fully benefit from its riches unless we learn to return it to the Source. And when I say the Source, God, I mean the highest point of our being. It requires great knowledge to direct energies upwards to feed the cells in the brain. And if there is one place where this knowledge is necessary, it is in the area of sexuality. All the instructions initiates give about controlling the sexual force are not aimed at frustrating people by depriving them of pleasures they clearly have a right to enjoy. When they teach that sexual energies can be sublimated, it is because they know there are other possibilities than simply allowing them to be expressed below. When men and women understand the right way to use these energies, they can awaken higher faculties, enabling them to carry out spiritual work of the greatest importance. That is when they will experience true joy.