Must be supported by continual effort

October 24th 2013
You see so many things in your life that need to be improved, and you pray, ‘Lord, grant… Lord, give me…’ For your prayers to be granted, they must be supported by an unwavering faith and continual effort. Heaven is more than willing to answer your prayers, but when you express a wish only now and then, it becomes diluted and eventually gets lost in space. If you don’t receive what you ask for, you need to look to yourself for the reason: your efforts have no doubt lacked steadiness and perseverance. Many people would not keep their jobs for very long if they behaved in their professional life the way they do in their spiritual life. Just because the realities of the spiritual world are invisible, people think it is enough to send out a few vague wishes now and then. Well, it isn’t – the success you gain on the spiritual plane requires practice and continual effort, even more than on the physical plane.