Paying attention to the messages our soul brings back

October 28th 2013
Every morning when you wake up, remember to look in your inner letterbox to find the messages left there while you were asleep. The soul actually detaches from the body during sleep, leaving for the invisible world, where it sees and learns many things. When it returns, this knowledge is imprinted in the brain of the sleeper, who on waking retains the memory of certain experiences, warnings or information received, advising them on how to behave during the next day and even beyond. Some of you may say, ‘But why doesn’t that happen to me? I don’t remember anything.’ This is because your brain is not yet organized enough to receive the imprints, the images, the revelations the soul brings back from its travels in the invisible world. You must prepare it by leading a harmonious life. In that way you will gradually come to know the experiences your soul has during sleep.