Living, active realities; example of the number 10

October 30th 2013
Numbers are not abstractions but living, active realities. Take the number 10, for example, the symbol of wholeness. It is composed of a 1 and a 0, but we should not just think of the 1 and the 0 as being next to each other; we must connect them together and give them movement. The 1 represents spirit, the 0 matter, and spirit penetrates matter to animate it, to bring it to life. So we can say that every action we make that contributes to the maintaining of life in us corresponds to the number 10. Eating involves opening our mouth (0) to take in food (1), and this meeting produces energy. And what is seeing? The action of light (1) hitting the eye (0). The same goes for sound hitting the ear. As for the head, which is spherical, it too is a 0, and the spirit (1) must come down onto this 0. So long as our head has not received the spirit, it does nothing worthwhile. But the day it is visited by a heavenly ray, it brings a divine child into the world, and we become the 10. Until then we are only a 0. You will say, ‘But those are interpretations!’ Well, yes, they are interpretations…