Within us, and in the lower part of the sephirah yesod

November 1st 2013
Who has not experienced the torments of temptation, passions or remorse?... So there’s no real need to ask ourselves in which region of space hell is found. It is primarily an experience human beings undergo during their life on earth. But at the moment of death, when the soul leaves the physical body, even if it has no crime to atone for, it passes through hell – the region represented in the sephirotic tree by the lower part of Yesod, the sphere of the Moon – before reaching the regions we call paradise, where the elect live. On leaving the earth (Malkuth), all souls travel by way of the Moon (Yesod) before reaching Tiphareth (the Sun). All beings without exception must pass through hell, but they do not all experience it in the same way. And what accounts for this difference? Their aura. Those who have lived in love, wisdom and truth are surrounded by so much light that they cross this region without experiencing the slightest suffering. They are protected. They even see the skin of demons cracking as they pass through, for divine fire is more powerful than hell fire. Jesus himself is said to have ‘descended into hell’, where he saved souls before returning to his heavenly Father.