Funeral rites

Their basis

November 2nd 2013
The placing of flowers on coffins and graves is a very ancient tradition, but these days the flowers are mostly meant just to look nice. Who thinks of flowers as possessing a living quintessence that the souls of the dead can feed on? And it is the same with nightlights, candles and incense: any matter that is offered up releases forces, energies that help souls and sustain them during their journey in the beyond. And where do you think the custom comes from for giving funeral orations, or for at least saying a few fond words or words of praise for the deceased before the parting? Again, this originates from initiatic knowledge: the dead are extremely sensitive to the words the living use about them, as well as to the thoughts and feelings they have for them. For words, as well as feelings and thoughts, produce vibrations; they emit waves that touch the soul of discarnate beings.