Death and resurrection

Two moments of spiritual life

November 3rd 2013
At a certain point in a soul’s evolution, after years of work and purification, it must cross regions as yet unknown to it that can only be called hell. This trial, which may be felt as a kind of death, is part of every initiation. But in the spiritual life, death is always followed by resurrection. We die only to be reborn. So many religions, from the mysteries of ancient Egypt and Greece to Christianity, mention death followed by resurrection! After the god Osiris is murdered by his jealous brother Seth, his wife Isis finds his body and brings it back to life with the help of the god Anubis. Similarly, Athena retrieves the heart of Dionysus, whose body was boiled and eaten by the Titans, and brings him back to life. The preparation of the philosopher’s stone is also based on the principle of death followed by resurrection. We should also interpret Jesus’ death and resurrection in this way.