Workers of heaven

Which we must become; conditions to fulfil

April 14th 2011
To be effective on earth, heaven needs workers, wholehearted and, above all, selfless workers who ask themselves every moment of their lives how they can achieve the wish expressed by Jesus for the kingdom of God to come on earth. So we, as these workers, must place all the faculties, talents or material advantages we possess at the service of this divine goal. Unfortunately, what we mostly see is the opposite: creatures who have gifts and potential and who place them at the service of their stomach, their sexuality, their vanity or their desire for power. You will say, ‘But it is materialists that behave like that!’ Don’t you believe it! A great many spiritual people also seek to subordinate heaven to satisfy their greed! Why, the angels, the archangels, the Lord himself, are only there for that purpose, are they not?! Even if they will not admit it, because they are not aware of it, that is what they are doing – trying to make heaven serve them. They must now become aware of the fact and place all their faculties in the service of this idea: the kingdom of God on earth.