We receive from the invisible world

November 5th 2013
Although the earth is heavily populated, much of the anxiety humans experience comes from the fact that they feel as if they have been thrown into the world as into a desert, and they find themselves alone and lost, with no one to answer their questions or respond to their requests! Well, no, they are not alone, and they will realize this when they become aware of being part of a whole, that this whole is alive and they can therefore have constant exchanges with it. If they speak, there are always creatures somewhere that hear them and respond. To everything we do, say or ask, we receive responses that confirm or refute, approve or condemn. The invisible world is continually present, all around us. It watches us, listens to us and always gives us answers. Its language, which is very different from ours, is not easy to understand. But it answers us indirectly, whether through a human being, an animal or a natural phenomenon. They are doubtless unaware that they are carrying messages, and it is for us to do the interpreting.