Staying connected to the lord

So that he can mark our work with his seal

November 11th 2013
It is important to pause even for a few seconds in the middle of what you are doing in order to stay connected to the heavenly intelligences, the creative entities. It is in this connection, this link, that we find the balance, the peace and, above all, the light that allow us to act correctly. How can I define this connection? When you wake up in the morning, your bedroom is plunged in darkness, and even before you get out of bed to wash and dress you switch the light on; otherwise you might stumble, bump into something or break something. That is the connection, the link: you start by summoning light. And on the psychic plane, you have to switch the light on, not just in the morning but several times a day, for the most important thing is always to start by seeing clearly, so that you can see where you are going. Whenever we connect to the Lord, he marks with his seal the work we are about to undertake.