Homeland, the soul’s

Which we must try to visit each day

November 17th 2013
Never let a day go by without connecting to the spiritual world, without seeking to be in touch with divine currents or divine entities. Yes, not a single day, otherwise it is difficult to regain the same inner state of clarity and peace. You are already familiar with this experience: just one day without concentrating on the world of harmony and light, and already you feel all kinds of heaviness and darkness building up inside you. And then what an effort it is to rid yourself of it! You complain, ‘I’m in darkness, I’m in the cold, I’m feeling weighed down.’ But isn’t it all your own doing? Your subtle channels and centres have become blocked, because you gave way to laziness, to inertia, and now communicating with the divine world is no longer possible. Each day, the possibility is there for you to discover this divine world, your soul’s true homeland, so do not give up on any of the exercises that allow you to enter it. Why remain on the other side of the border? Why remain in exile?