Mage, a

Provides material that entities use in what they do

November 20th 2013
Where does a mage’s power come from? From the fact that he can provide entities from the invisible world with the base matter they need for contacting the physical plane and having an effect on it. Depending on his concerns and activities, he emits specific fluids that allow the entities to take on a form and act. Someone with criminal intentions will attract a multitude of dark spirits through their emanations. Those spirits will rush to feed on all the miasmas they give off and do harm. The person is not doing harm but is providing the means, the material, that others will make use of. And, conversely, the presence of a white magician provides the spirits of light with the material they will use to spread blessings. Are you working for the light, doing good? If so, you give off very pure matter that the heavenly entities will come to collect, just as bees collect nectar from flowers to make honey.