Christian tradition, the

Has as much to offer spiritual development as eastern traditions

November 22nd 2013
Eastern teachings emphasize the development of the spiritual centres, the chakras, and so increasingly in the west you will hear the claim that these teachings enable people to make greater progress on the path of light than if they had remained with the Judeo-Christian tradition. Well, this is not the case; you can obtain the same results in the Judeo-Christian tradition, which numbers very many saints, great Masters and initiates. By studying and meditating on the Old and New Testaments, many mystics, philosophers, thinkers and artists have created a culture that can nurture westerners just as well as, if not better than, other traditions that are foreign to them. Christians can find what they need for their spiritual unfolding in the Bible and all the works it has inspired. If they go looking elsewhere, it is because they have not studied it deeply enough. And then, they boast that they are following an eastern teaching, which they study no more deeply! Try taking a look at all the explanations I have been giving you for years about the Gospels. There are so many truths to be found in the parables and stories that recount what Jesus did and said!