Develops through practising the virtues

April 16th 2011
You all want to be in good health; you all want to live in peace, love and joy. And yet, not only do you not do much to achieve it, but sometimes it even looks as if you are doing all you can to avoid it. Are all those blessings meant to rain down on you just by chance? If you want to attract them, you have to make some effort and do some exercises. One of the most effective of all the exercises is to work on the aura. There are methods of concentration for developing the aura, but the best, the most effective method, is to practise the virtues. Love will vivify your aura, wisdom will make it luminous, strength of character will make it powerful, and a pure life will make it bright and clear. Each virtue you develop brings a new quality to your aura. And an alive, luminous, powerful, clear aura attracts all the blessings of heaven.