An art of interpretation

November 26th 2013
How can we not be fascinated by the idea that the stars exert an influence on our life? When we are born we enter the sphere of the zodiac, and it is as if at that moment a snapshot is taken: according to their position, the stars and the planets draw a kind of diagram showing the broad outline of our destiny, based on what we experienced in previous lifetimes. Many people refuse to call astrology a science. Well, let’s say it’s an art, and a difficult art. The difficulty is in interpreting how the heavenly bodies relate to each other according to their relative positions. But, as astrologers say, ‘The stars incline, they do not determine’ – an astrological chart only gives tendencies. It is certainly interesting to look into astrology to see what it reveals about our destiny. But it is even more interesting to see it as a system of symbols that enables us to understand how our psychic life functions in relation to the universe, in whose image we were created.