Condition of life

December 3rd 2013
The symbol for the Christ is a lamb bearing a cross. It means that at the beginning of creation the Christ offered himself up in sacrifice so that the world might exist. This sacrifice was necessary to produce a force able to connect all the particles in the universe; this force is love. The Christ is the spirit of love that attracts, brings together and sustains; it was put in place as the foundation for creation. The blood of the slaughtered lamb is the symbol for the fluid needed to permeate the substance of this construction. It is the bond, the cement, that keeps the universe from disintegrating. Everywhere – in the stones, in the stars – love holds the structure together; if love were to disappear, our very body would begin to disintegrate. Thanks also to this cohesive force, families and nations are able to survive. Without the sacrifices people make for one another, without the renouncing that everyone consents to, no kind of communal life would be possible.