Spiritual life

Pointless embarking on it unless you know how hard it is

April 17th 2011
It is almost pointless embarking on the spiritual life so long as you have not understood just how tough the lower nature is and how demanding the work is you have to undertake, in terms of vigilance, steadfastness, humility and selflessness. Far too many people think that, because they have found a spiritual teaching, they will change rapidly. Well it isn’t so; mastery of one’s psychic life is so much harder than they imagine! Each human being does, in fact, possess the capacity for self-renewal, self-regeneration, for becoming godlike, but it is a very slow process, and what each person can achieve in this lifetime depends on the work already begun in previous incarnations. Those who have no awareness of the difficulties they will inevitably encounter in the spiritual life will find it impossible to make progress, and so they will suffer and make others suffer. For those embarking on the spiritual life, the first requirement is great self-awareness.