Idea, divine

We must make sacrifices for its sake

December 5th 2013
People are willing to make such efforts and sacrifices to gain favour with the rich and powerful! But even if they succeed for a while, some event will often occur to reverse the situation, and then they lose everything. If they made the same efforts, the same sacrifices, for a divine idea, not only would they lose nothing, but every day they would gain something imperishable, something eternal. What is an idea? It is a representative for all the spirits of light in the universe. Be aware that through this idea you are loving them and appreciating them, and in return through this idea they also bring you their help. So you must apply your will to realizing an idea. If you love a divine idea, if you are loyal to it, if you nurture it, if you focus all your will on realizing it, it will sustain you through all the vicissitudes of life.